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01. Hombres Aliados (traducir!)

El más alto llamamiento de la mujer es llevar al  hombre a su alma y así unirlo con la Fuente.

El más alto llamamiento del hombre es proteger a la mujer para que ella sea libre de caminar por la tierra sin peligro.

Proverbio Cherokee

The article below is a part of the Pornography page in the Integral Permaculture Designers' Manual

Male Allies

There are some great men also, working on educating us about the consequences of porn.
Some of them here:

Why I stopped watching porn

by Ran Gavrieli

Vídeo de YouTube

How Porn affects the Brain

Vídeo de YouTube

The great porn experiment

Gary Wilson

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Pornography Is What the End of the World Looks Like

by Chris Hedges

Thankfully there are other wonderful male allies fighting alongside female feminists to end this vicious cycle of violence, so horribly 'normalized' in our culture.  

Some inspiring examples here:

Violence against women—it's a men's issue

Jackson Katz

Vídeo de YouTube

Tony Porter: A call to men

Vídeo de YouTube

Sexism in gaming

Paul Verhoeven

Vídeo de YouTube

Breaking the Boys Code of Masculinity

Bill Pozzobon 

Vídeo de YouTube

Unmasking masculinity 

- helping boys become connected men, Ryan McKelley

Vídeo de YouTube

Be A Man

Joe Ehrmann

Vídeo de YouTube

Fundamentally, porn, like any other drug, disconnects us from ourselves, and from other people, the planet and our souls.  And to that extent it harms us all, as it dehumanizes us.   

It's one of the many, many drugs civilization has invented to keep us numb, dumb, and powerless to change this sick system into something more rational, humane and creative.