Dominique Christina - "The Period Poem"

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Dominique Christina reads her famous "Period Poem" (a response to 'nameless dummy on Twitter') at Emerging Women's Power Party Denver.

Vídeo de YouTube

Written & performed by Dominique Christina. Video produced by SlamFind, the free performance poetry mobile app. 

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4 Reasons Why Menstruation is a Key Part of Women's Wildness

by Wild Woman Speaks Blog

Greetings sister!

Two things that I feel most deeply inspired about right now are women's menstruation and our wild feminine nature. I love talking about both subjects, and in this week's article I'm weaving these two aspects of our womanhood with a description of how they are intrinsically related.

Women are such an incredible force of nature. We have the ability to bleed in excess each and every month, yet we do not die from this flow of blood that comes from our wombs. We have the ability to grow humans inside of our bodies. I mean, talk about magical!

These abilities of ours as women are untamable. They are not easily controlled, however there have certainly been many attempts to suppress this untamable wildness that are our magical abilities of death and rebirth. Women's wildness hold so much creative power that it can be intimidating for not just men, but sometimes even to ourselves. How can we wield all of this power?

Birth control pills are dished out like candy and alter the way a woman would otherwise naturally cycle. Women are stopping bleeding all together due to the use of birth control methods that literally put a halt on their bleeding for years upon years. Women are confused into thinking their otherwise incredibly intelligent bodies don't know how to birth their babies on their own, and so they must surrender all of their power into a male doctor to show them the way.

I don't necessarily believe that there is a force or an intelligence who is intentionally aiming to suppress women worldwide through these methods, though I do believe that women's wildness at large is very misunderstood and oftentimes even feared. These methods of suppressing women are thought to make it easier for others understand and control our otherwise very wild nature. While that may not be a conscious thought by other people, the moment that open discussion begins about menstruation and natural birthing, most individuals start squirming in their seats.

Women's menstrual cycles are such a source of our wildness as women, and yet it has also become a part of us that is deeply shamed by our culture in this day and age. The general population views our menstruation as inherently dirty, gross, and unimportant. The shaming needs to go, and it's time for the menstrual shame to be replaced with full embracing of this powerful wild part of ourselves.

My perspective in relationship to women's menstrual cycles very differently. I feel it to be a very key part of our womanhood. Yes, it can certainly be messy sometimes, but it is far from dirty or gross!

With the intent to inspire deeper ownership of our magical moon cycles, the following are four reasons why I see menstruation to be a key part of women's wildness:

1. Our menstruation connects us to nature. Women cycle with the lunar phases -- we ebb and flow with the tides of the ocean and our menstrual cycles last for an average of 29.5 days, right in line with the length of the lunar cycle.

2. It tunes us into our emotions. It's so common for women to experience an intense range of emotion leading up to, and during their bleeding days. Our bleeding is a shedding process, and with the physical shedding that happens for us each month, we shed and release emotions that are ready to leave our body. Oftentimes we store emotion and during our bleeding time, it becomes harder to repress any emotions that are ready to come up, out, and felt.

3. Menstruation links women through all time. Most women have bled in their lifetime. It is a physical process that links us back to our female ancestors who came before us. They connect women to one another energetically, through all of time! How incredible to share the same physical experience, woman to woman to woman? One might even venture to speculate that women's menstrual history is coded into our bodies through sharing these cycles.

4. Women's psychic powers increase while they are bleeding. It is a long time belief amongst our native ancestors that women's psychic abilities increase when they are bleeding. In Native American tribes, women would gather in moon huts under the New Moon while they were all bleeding to tune in more deeply to their psychic and intuitive abilities. These women were known to have visions for not just themselves, but for their tribe as a whole, intuiting what was to come for them.

It is so important for women today, living in this society that grows ever more increasingly disconnected from nature, to nurture and expand the connection to their inherent wildness. This means coming into communion with our cycles, with our magical, misunderstood abilities. It means getting to know our bodies so intimately, that we feel fully confident to care for them ourselves. It means allowing our wild feminine nature to be expressed unapologetically.
A huge part of women's medicine in the world today is showing up in the fullness of our femininity. (Click to tweet!)

Now I would love to hear from you! How do you feel menstruation is a part of women's wildness? Do you connect with any or all of the reasons listed that I believe make our moon cycles a key part of our wild, untamed nature? Share your insights, reflections, and experiences in regard to menstruation being a key part of women's wildness in the comments below!

I love hearing from you each and every week, with your powerful thoughts and insightful experiences. You are a treasure!

To your menstrual magic,

xo Ali